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Take the Social Media Cleanse in 5 Steps to Boost Your Engagement

Rein in your social media accounts and start a natural, organic approach in the way you connect with people online. These trim techniques will allow you to…

When you follow these 5 simple steps, you will be able to better focus on your self-growth as well as spread that value to your target audience.

Step 1 – Purge Your Following Lists

Whether Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere, make sure you connect with people who benefit your goals. Stick with influencers in your industry. Search for people who share relevant information. Build relationships with people who incite passion in your heart. If they do not provoke you on a regular basis. If they do not provide insight you want to share with the world (and your own audience) – drop them!

Do not follow everyone who follows you. You want to share the love and connect with all your fans and clients. Resist the urge. You need to position yourself as a source of wisdom for others. You can only do that if you filter your connections down to the people who benefit you and your audience the most. Everything else retracts from your efforts.

Tip: Keep your personal and professional accounts separate. This will allow you to concentrate on the right contacts for your business as well as stay in touch with your friends and family.

Should you ever share professional posts with friends and family? Share personal items with your professional following? If the information will resonate with the people you send it to. If your target audience will find value in it – go for it!

Step 2 – Choose the Right Groups

Just like whom you follow, you want to avoid joining too many groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Stick with a handful in your target niche that moderate their discussions well. Stay in the groups whose members engage with each other and whose comments elevate the topics presented.

Leave the groups that look like a dumping ground for self-promotion and blog posts.

Abandon the groups that do not take an active role in keeping discussions on topic.

Run from the groups that do not weed out negative and toxic members.

Step 3 – Go on a Hashtag Diet

Limit your hashtags to 2-3 per post. No more.

Make sure you use hashtags correctly. The hashtag you use should plug your post into a targeted topic that already exists. Your post will then be listed in that topic’s feed. This works as a marketing tool for you, so be sure to research the correct hashtags before you include them.

Create your own hashtags for larger discussions you want to spread and grow, like events and new relevant issues you want to create awareness around.

Step 4 – Meditate on Your Posts and Tweets

Review and remove. Delete or hide all time-sensitive, outdated, off-topic updates you made. Get rid of the old posts that no one liked, shared, or commented on. Commit to stay on point from this day forward. Go back and cleanup your posts periodically from now on.

Step 5 – Purify Your Inbox

Take time to unsubscribe from all mailing lists that do not propel your sense of purpose and professional advancement. Go into your social media account settings. Make sure you receive mail notifications just for information you need and want to view.

While you update your settings, do the same for your mobile notifications.

Time to delete all those old messages in your inbox too! If you need particular messages for later, create a special folder for them or archive them. You want your inbox to be the focal point of new information and contacts, not bloated with old and expired clutter.

What about those social media inboxes? Yup! Clean those out too! Do this daily from now on.

Remember to Breathe

It can take time to adjust to a leaner, meaner, digital you! The first cleanse will take the most time and feel the hardest. But once you let go of all that excess social weight, it will be easy to maintain the new wonderful being that surfaces. You will grow faster, be a better influencer, and your audience will love you for it!

Warren Samu
Last edited on
May 22nd, 2020