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How to Research Targeted Keywords for Your WebPages in 9 Steps

After you study your competitors in the search engine keyword listings you want to target, you can jump in and discover the best keywords for your market.

6 Reasons to Stop Placing Social Share Buttons on Your Website

I use to recommend social share buttons, but the impact on user experience outweighs the slim chance someone will use the button to share your content.

How to Rank Higher on Google in 2020 by Meeting These 4 Benchmarks

Technology advances. The way people use the Internet, as well as their expectations, changes. And so Google's search algorithms evolve.

Take the Social Media Cleanse in 5 Steps to Boost Your Engagement

Rein in your social media accounts. Start an organic approach in the way you connect with people online. Focus and share value with your target audience.

How to Use Keywords to Research Your Nonfiction Book Audience

Whether you plan to start writing, or whether you finished your book, keyword research can help you improve every aspect of the project.

How to Use Keywords to Structure and Promote Your Nonfiction Book

Publishers use a multitude of resources to conduct market research. Self-published authors may feel handicapped without the same tools - but not you!

The Myths About ASP and SEO Debunked

ASP.NET (or any other Web language) alone will not adversely impact your website's search rankings. A lesson to stay away from reckless SEO specialists.

9 Bad SEO Tips to Avoid and 7 Good Search Engine Strategies That Work

Old and misleading search engine optimization and keyword strategies plague the net. Read these tricks to avoid and organic tactics that produce results.

How to Start Your Search Engine Keyword & Competition Research

Become savvy in finding your best keywords and evaluating your competitors and search engines like Google and Yahoo! will deliver your target audience.

SEO Tools and Online Content – Services that Help and Others that Flunk

Discover reliable resources to help your pages get ranked. Avoid the search engine optimization sites that do not live up to their promises.

Troubleshooting 5 Common Search Engine Keyword Woes

Finding the right keywords requires patience and trial and error. What if you see no progress from your efforts? Other problems could hold your pages down.

How to Succeed on Twitter? Follow Less People

An inflated follower list without purposeful connections will waste your time and dampen your Twitter efforts. Try a more organic approach.